How Your Sheets Impact The Quality Of Your Sleep

June 15 2018 – Chic Home -Lawrence-

How Your Sheets Impact The Quality Of Your Sleep
How Your Sheets Impact The Quality Of Your Sleep

When it comes to a good night sleep, comfort is key. Be it your sleeping position, your bed, your pillow, or your sheets, they all impact the quality of you sleep. Your sheets play a big role in having a good night sleep; The type of fabric you choose for your sheets impact how you sleep and how good it is, so having a bit of research can make or break your sleep and your whole day.

Science of sleep

Two of the most complains about sleep is (1) getting too hot or too cold, and even a slight change in temperature can feel drastic. I personally like it better when it is cold than a slight warm temperature, it makes me feel restless; (2) another is the fabric, some fabrics can feel itchy, some will make you feel like you don’t want to wake up. The quality of the fabric can also impact how warm or cold you will feel. So having a good combination of the right temperature and the feel of the fabric is key.

The right fabric

Sheets can be made with either natural materials like cotton, or synthetic like polyester; There’s also the thread count, the higher the thread count is, the softer it will feel but going more than 400 can make it really warm, especially during the summer as it traps body heat. Satin and other polyesters have that initial softness and cool-to-the-touch feel and can look really nice and is cheaper than cotton but are less breathable and can cause you to feel overheated.

Natural Fabric, like cotton in particular, is usually a better choice for comfortability and breathability but can be pricey. Cotton is usually the popular choice for sheets but they’re not created equal. The higher the quality of cotton is, the more breathable it will be but will be much more pricey, while the lesser quality can be affordable but can feel scratchy, it can also seem “noisy” (you can hear the rustle of cotton sheets); it is also prone to wrinkle and can shrink when washing. Over time, cottons can wear thin.

The Durability Factor

Not all high quality sheets will last, as it will wear away and shrink with every wash. You can take care and make them smell fresh but over time it will shrink. Buying a high quality sheet will last you longer and feel more comfortable to sleep but it will be pricey, so find the best bang for the buck. 

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