Tips for Styling a Bedroom

November 23 2023 – Eugene Dynkin

A stylish bedroom with black walls and white and gray bedding
A stylish bedroom with black walls and white and gray bedding

The bedroom is not just a place where we rest our heads; it’s a personal retreat and a reflection of our personality. If your bedroom is in desperate need of a refresh, don't worry. We've got you covered! Dive into Chic Home’s styling tips that will make any bedroom feel like it just popped out of a home decor magazine. 

Nailing the Basics

Here's the secret to styling a bedroom — it’s all about balance and a personal touch! A bedroom isn’t merely a place to sleep; it's a testament to your style, choices, and the life you lead. As you style or restyle your space, here are some basic tips for decorating a bedroom that paints a vivid, comfortable, and delightful reflection of you.

Balance Overload with Minimalism

If you're using bold patterns in your bedding, try to keep wall art subtle and vice versa.

Room Size Matters

For smaller rooms, use mirrors and light-colored décor to give an illusion of space. Bigger rooms can afford to have darker shades and more prominent pieces without feeling cramped.

Stay True to Yourself

Trends come and go. While it's great to have contemporary pieces, ensure that every item you pick resonates with your personal style.

Dreamy Bedding: More than Just a Good Night’s Sleep

Styling a bedroom starts with impeccable bedding. Dive into high-thread-count sheets for an unbeatable soft touch. Layer on duvetsquilts, or comforters in eye-catching colors or patterns. Remember, it’s not just about comfort but the vibe they set. Crisp whites can give a luxurious hotel feel, while bold patterns can turn the bed into a work of art.

Our Top Tip:

Your bed is not just for snoozing; it's a statement. Our tip for decorating a bedroom? Think of mixing and matching. Opt for a floral duvet with striped pillows, or add a splash of color to a monochrome theme with your throw pillows. 

Bed Frames and Headboards: The Room’s Crown Jewel

a white bedroom with a blue headboard and a couch

A stylish bed frame or headboard can be a transformative piece when styling a bedroom. If you're going for a modern look, consider sleek, minimalist frames. For a touch of luxury, upholstered headboards in velvet or faux leather can be both commanding and cozy. Remember, this is the room’s centerpiece; choose something that you'll love seeing day in and day out.

Our Top Tip:

When styling a bedroom, experiment with materials. A wooden canopy bed frame can lend a rustic charm, while a metal one feels industrial and chic. Headboards with built-in storage can be both stylish and functional, especially for those with space constraints.

Poufs and Throws: The Cozy Accents

Adding a chic pouf or an elegant throw is a super effective tip for decorating a bedroom. They serve as functional art — perfect to cozy up and put your feet up after a long day or to have an extra seating space when chatting with friends. A silky or faux fur throw draped nonchalantly at the foot of the bed can infuse a touch of drama and luxury.

Our Top Tip:

Texture plays a crucial role here. Combine a chunky knit throw with a leather pouf or a silky throw with a cotton pouf for a tactile delight. Seasonal swaps can also freshen this look. Think light cotton throws for summer and heavier wool or faux fur ones for winter.

Wall Art: Speak Volumes without Saying a Word

The walls in your bedroom are your blank canvas. Adorn them with wall art pieces that resonate with you. Be it abstract, minimalistic, or a splash of colors, let your walls tell a story. Consider a gallery wall of your favorite prints or even framed quotes that inspire you!

Our Top Tip:

When styling a bedroom, diversify by mixing larger paintings with smaller prints, framed postcards, or even 3D wall art like floating shelves housing trinkets or wall-mounted sculptures.

Benches and Ottomans: Functional Elegance

Position a plush bench at the foot of your bed. Not only does it offer extra seating, but it also elevates the overall bedroom styling aesthetic. Ottomans and benches, with their varied shapes and designs, can double up as a convenient nightstand with a cute tray placed on top or simply be a place to rest your latest read.

Our Top Tip:

Our tip for decorating a bedroom — consider multifunctional pieces! Some ottomans open up for storage, offering the perfect spot for stashing away winter blankets or those magazines you’ve yet to read. Benches with a shelf underneath can house your book collection or stylish storage baskets.

Mirrors: Reflecting Beauty 

A bedroom with black walls, a large mirror, and a large leafy plant

Mirrors are not just practical; they can be a design statement when you are styling your bedroom. A large floor mirror can give the illusion of a bigger space, while a wall-mounted decorative mirror can become an intriguing focal point. And, let’s not forget, it’s always handy to have a spot to give yourself a quick once-over before heading out!

Our Top Tip:

Play with shapes and sizes. Instead of one large mirror, consider an arrangement of several smaller ones in geometric shapes. If your room has a theme, like vintage or boho, select mirrors with frames that echo this style.

Your Bedroom, Your Masterpiece 

Your bedroom is an intimate space, a sanctuary that should be filled with pieces and designs that speak to you. Whether it's the elegance of a tufted headboard, the charm of a vintage mirror, or the coziness of a soft throw, each piece used in styling your bedroom should reflect the unique and fabulous you. After all, every artist deserves their personal masterpiece. So, go on and create yours with Chic Home!