Sleeping Bags

Chic Home's collection of sleeping bags is a blend of style and comfort, tailored for the young and the young-at-heart. From sleepovers to camping trips, these quality sleeping bags ensure that teens and kids sleep snugly without sacrificing style.

Stylish & Comfortable Sleeping Bags for Teens

Our sleeping bags for teens and kids are designed to be visually appealing while still prioritizing comfort. Made with plush materials that retain warmth while staying breathable, every night spent in one of these is a cozy embrace. And for those who seek a touch of whimsy, our sleeping bags with hoods bring both charm and additional warmth, elevating your sleeping experience to delightful new heights.

Transform the Bedroom with Comforter and Quilt Sets

While our sleeping bags with hoods are perfect for teens adventuring outside, why not revamp the everyday sleeping experience as well? Dive into our comforter sets and luxury quilts curated specially for bedroom sanctuaries for all ages. From subtle patterns that exude calm to vibrant prints that capture youthful energy, our sets promise to redefine these personal spaces. Paired with our sleeping bags, you have a recipe for creating a bedroom that's as comforting as it is chic.

Find the Decor of Your Dreams

At Chic Home, we believe everyone should live a chic life, no matter where you are. Our sleeping bag collection stands as a testament to this belief, offering both fun and functionality whether you’re at a sleepover or in your own room. Just as every child and teen has a unique personality, we believe their personal spaces should reflect that individuality. With luxury furniture and decor pieces that prioritize both style and comfort, we invite you to explore our collection to find the perfect piece.